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Precious Pets Animal Crematory ™ is locally family-owned & operated.


Pets Are Family Too

We treat your pet with the respect and care that any family member deserves.

Precious Pet Animal Crematory

Precious Pets Animal Crematory strives to exceed your expectations and is committed to raising the bar for pet aftercare with dignity, respect and understanding on a personal level. We provide you peace of mind in knowing that you have made the right decision by specializing in thoughtful, dignified cremation of all animals. The passing of your beloved pet deserves the same respect and tribute as anyone would want for any other member of the family.

As pet owners ourselves, we recognize the extra special bond of unconditional love that you share with your pet. The loss of a pet is a very emotional and difficult time. It is your choice where your pet is taken for aftercare services. You do have options and we are here to provide you with guidance in deciding what you feel is a suitable fairwell for your faithful companion.

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Services We Offer

We realize that each family has their own unique set of wishes when it comes to memorializing their pet. Our staff will work with your family to meet all of your needs. No matter which cremation option you decide to choose, the staff at Precious Pets Animal Crematory will handle your pet with the honor, dignity, and compassion he/she deserves.

In order to ensure that the remains you receive back are those of your beloved pet, each Private and Individually cremated pet is issued a unique metal identification disc at the time it is received. Your pet's identification disc remains with him/her throughout the entire cremation process and is packaged along with their cremains. This is the same process that is required by law in the cremation of humans.


Private Cremation

is the process of cremating one pet by itself. The pet is gently placed in the crematory chamber and cremated alone. The cremains are then processed and placed into a complimentary scattering urn or an urn that you have purchased from our selection. We also issue a personalized "Certificate of Cremation".


Individual Cremation

is the process of cremating more than one pet at the same time. They are kept separate during the process. Each pet's individual cremains are removed and then processed and placed into a complimentary scattering urn or an urn that you have purchased from our selection. We also issue a personalized "Certificate of Cremation".


Communual Cremation

is the process when several pets are cremated at one time with no separation. This process does allow for co-mingling of cremains. There are no cremains or "Certificate of Cremation" returned to the owner.

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Other Services

NOTE: Additional charges may apply.

Same-day Cremation

Should a pet owner wish to have an expedited cremation service, we can provide a same day cremation. Same day cremation services are available by appointment and there is an additional cost for this service. Please call our staff for more details.

Home / Vet Pick-Up

Precious Pets will arrange to have one of our caring staff pick up your beloved pet's remains at your home or your veterinarian's office and transport them to our facility for cremation.


We offer pre-planning services so you are spared the burden of stressful and emotional decisions during a difficult time. You gain the peace of mind knowing your wishes will be fulfilled according to your pre-planning arrangements and avoid stressful financial decisions at the time of your pet's passing.

Temporary Storage

If you need time to think about your options or if a family member is out of town and you want to wait for their return, we can store your pet for you for a short time until arrangements are ready to be made.


A member of our staff will exhume your pet, backfill the grave and deliver them to our facility for cremation. (Please call for a quote.)


What people say

From the first moment we arrived until we left with the ashes, it was as pleasant of an experience as it could be, given the circumstances. I would give 100 stars if I could. I will return and refer to anyone in need.

Carrie was wonderful, kind and accommodating throughout the entire process. This is a great place, the owners care about people and their pets as if they were their own.

Contact Us

All services are by appointment. Please call with any questions you may have so that we may assist you.

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